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More information of Muay Thai , living in Phuket City , Training in my gym or other

Muay Thai training camps , Suwit Muay Thai gym , Thailand
More information of Muay Thai , living in Phuket City , Training in my gym or other

How much do we have to spend per day ?
You can cut cost for spending in each day if you stay around the camp area and rent a car or motorbike . It’s much cheaper than staying in the hotels along the beach. It costs 50 baht per meal and not over 50 baht for a motorbike ‘s fule one day trip.
This is short information for a month
– Food 3 meal = 3,000 Thai Baht
– Rent Motorbike for travel = 3,000 Thai Baht , You should take your driver lincense with you too .
– Do a Visa Run for 30 day living in Thailand= 1,000 Thai Baht.
– Other neccessary expense , it should = 3,000 – 7,000 Thai Baht ( Such as : drinking , snack , soap and etc ).
  ( Currency : 40 Thai Baht = 1 US Dollars )

Can we practice in group ?
We have 2 boxing ring so it’s enough to serve you in group. Furthermore , we can provide food, bus transfer and accomodation for group. You can ask for more information at contact page or email us. We are welcome student from any camps or gyms to train. But please let me know your visiting time .

Can females or childern train at boxing camp We welcome females or childern to learn Muay Thai too. My trainers have many experince for training Professional , beginner , women and children.

What do I have to bring here , at the camp ?
We provide you with all equipment and everything is available for sell too. If you have your own equipment you can bring them with you. The only one necessary equipment is a pair of shorts.

Can we organise your competition in Thailand ?
If you are interested in the boxer stadium to get more experience about Muay-Thai competitor in Thailand. We can organize it for you about real boxing competition with suitable opponent up to your level . Please contact me. because we are owner and promoter of boxing stadiums.

More information is coming soon.